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Appearances | Meet Prospector, Dwayne Hall

Book Dwayne Hall to speak at your next convention, club meeting, or event. Enjoy adventurous stories of mining for aquamarine on Colorado's 14,275 ft. high Mt. White and the wealth of knowledge and life lessons that it takes to succeed against all odds - and even thrive - in this extreme environment.

APR 26
Cripple Creek, CO

Meet and greet in Cripple Creek.

JAN 14
Salida, CO
Krivanek Jewelers

Meet with Dwayne Hall at Krivanek Jewelers in Salida, Colorado. January 14th is Dwayne's birthday. Come and celebrate with us! Learn about mining for Colorado aquamarine and see exquisitely faceted gems from Mt. Antero in Chaffee County, Colorado.

JAN 29 - FEB 15
Tucson, AZ
Eons Expo

Meet Prospector, Dwayne Hall. See gems found on Mt. Antero and featured finds from Prospectors on the Weather Channel.

Find the good stuff, keep out of harm’s way, and bring it safely home to be crafted into the gem's greatest potential for beauty and purpose. Luck, knowledge, and craftsmanship render unique artistry and extraordinary jewelery with the unequalled value of a documented adventure story.

Dwayne Hall and Mark Krivanek combine their luck, knowledge, and craftsmanship to create original Colorado show pieces for collectors around the world. For more than 30 years, Mark Krivanek has been a miner and dealer of the Colorado gems that are at the center of The Lucky Miner Collection. Dwayne Hall’s popularity with the Weather Channel’s Prospectors series has exposed a view into the mining expertise and survival skills required to extract these beauties from the treacherous terrain in which they lay waiting to be found.

Follow Dwayne on The Weather Channel's "Prospectors" in his search for treasures. Tag along from his first educated hunch for locating pockets of gem specimens through their transformation into exquisite artforms by Mark Krivanek in Historc Downtown Salida, Colorado. Each stone has a tale to tell from its discovery in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to its placement in the palm of the collector's hand - a special quality that only The Lucky Miner Collection of Colorado aquamarine can produce.

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